‘I know what I look like and there’s nothing wrong with being pretty. But if that’s all that I am I’d be pretty boring.’
-New Teen Titans v2 #6

See? This is why I always liked Starfire. Yes she came from a another planet and was wonderfully forward about men and sex but that was always only a small part of her. 

^ This. Anyone who thinks that Kory’s character is nothing but fanservice with a smile doesn’t know all that much about her. Yeah, she’s a sexual character, and that’s always been part of who she is, but she’s also a complex and awesome character. She’s beautiful, and she is awesomely confident about her looks and comfortable in her own skin, but her looks don’t define her. And, let’s be honest, she’s a total sweetheart but she’s also the one you do NOT want to get angry. Underestimating her just might get you killed.


The problem is, the reboot has gotten rid of most of this. Without the nuance, she becomes just a pretty face with lasers. Which is a crying shame. 

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